Diamond-Cut Outline

Diamond-cut craftsmanship to create a elegant outline

Optimized Speed Surface Coating

Smooth sand-blasted surface provides high sensitivity and accurate mouse movement detection.

High Compatibility

Compatible with all major brands of gaming mouse

Smooth Edge for Wrist Rest

Ultra-thin with a smooth edge relieving the wrists from the fatigue of extened use.

Solid Aluminium Construction

BATMAT utilizes the sturdiness of aluminum-alloy for high durability.


Product Name BATMAT
Color Black, Red
Material Aluminium and natural rubber
Product Dimension
( L x W x H)
350 mm x 263mm x 3mm
Net Weight 450g
Note to use :
* In Win products comply with RoHS regulations
* Do not use chemicals to wipe free of dirt
*The actual product is subject to change without prior notice
*In Win Development Inc. reserves the right to make final modification