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InWin 309 PC Chassis Receives 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award

12+ Front Panels in One Chassis Endow You with One-of-a-Kind Expression for Your Chassis!

[Taoyuan, Taiwan, December 2019] Who says a computer chassis can have only one look? With InWin's unique 309 PC Chassis, you will be able to change the appearance of your PC without changing the chassis. Thanks to the dynamic lighting effects of the front panel, it’s like having 12+ front panels for your PC! The InWin 309's innovative and interesting interactive lighting design has once again garnered favorable impressions among the judges to clinch a 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award.

Since their inception in 1993, the Taiwan Excellence Awards have been widely regarded as the Academy Awards of the Taiwanese industry and the highest honor in the country. After a rigorous review by over 100 domestic and international experts, InWin's 309 PC Chassis featuring interactive lighting effects stood out from the competition in five major categories: R&D, design, quality, marketing and made in Taiwan. This highlights InWin's capability in ongoing innovation, R&D and design.

Dynamic 309 Chassis

The 309 chassis' 3-dimensional, diamond patterned front panel features smoked tempered glass integrated with an 8 x 18 ARGB LED matrix to showcase the breathtaking beauty of stained glass. Coupled with EGO fans possessing 16 addressable LEDs inside their silicon frame, the chassis boasts exclusive synchronized lighting design for the front panel and fans. The combined lighting effect further enhances the overall visual aesthetics of your system, producing an extravagant symphony of lights!

The innovative and interesting interactive front panel has 12 built-in lighting effects ranging from nightlight, candlelight, music, twinkle, time tunnel, bounce, hourglass, heartbeat, clock, sky, vortex, to creative mode. The candlelight, hourglass, and heartbeat mode can change motifs via voice-activation. In addition to manually selecting the different lighting modes and adjusting the brightness via buttons on the side near the front panel, one can also utilize the GLOW2 software to control the front panel's lighting effects, adjust fan lights and speeds. The panel becomes the screen, so the user will be able to determine the fan mode visually. The simple, intuitive interface allows players to customize a diverse array of dynamic lighting motifs, and they can also create their favorite motifs or lighting effects, turning the front panel into a message board for various occasions in life. The playful interactive mode serves to accentuate one's individual style.

What expression are you in the mood for today? The 309 chassis's 12+ front panel dynamic lighting effects endow you with one-of-a-kind expression for your chassis!

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