In Win Warranty Policy Statement

During the warranty period, In Win warrants its products to be free of defective materials and workmanship from normal use by the original purchaser. In Win is not responsible for damage to, or loss of, any programs, data, or removable storage media. You are responsible for backing up any programs or data on removable storage devices.

This policy statement is for general cases, the warranty situation might be different by sales regions, please contact In Win sales for more details.

  • In Win will provide repair of the product or replace the product with a defect-free item of the same grade. Should the item be out of stock or production, the defective product will be replaced with one of the same or similar grade. This provision is confined to the warranty period.
  • The warranty period will start on the date listed on the invoice or bill. Should the buyer lose the invoice or bill, the warranty period will begin on the date of the products' delivery (a date that is recovered by searching the product series number). For PC, retail power supply items, the buyer must register the product on the In Win website in order to receive the Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • At their discretion, In Win reserves the right to replace the defective product with a serviced product at any time.
  • The warranty is non-transferable. The original customer shall be the sole party covered under the warranty and warranty period.
  • The provided modularized cables for power supplies and case fans are compatible exclusively to their corresponding models. If these cables are used with any other power supply or case fan, damage may occur to that PSU or fan. If you’d  like to purchase the proper modularized cables for its corresponding model, please feel free to contact your local In Win representative.
  • In Win’s power supplies are covered under warranty for material and process defects. Coverage begins the date the original consumer purchased the product. Warranties time frame vary for each model, but some models can reach up to 7 years. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser. If the product exchanges hands, the new owners are unable to receive warranty service.
  • If you have any request to purchase any modularized cables, please feel free to contact your In Win representative.


Duration of the Warranty

Product Product Category Warranty Term
Branded Cases In Win Branded Cases 2 Years Limited Warranty
Case Fans Standard Case Fans : LED and Non-LED Case Fans 1 Year Limited Warranty
POLARIS Series : LED and RGB 2 Years Limited Warranty
AURORA Series 2 Years Limited Warranty
POLARIS Series: RGB Aluminium 5 Years Limited Warranty
MARS Series 5 Years Limited Warranty
Branded Power Supply Force Series PSU 3 Years Limited Warranty
Premium Series PSU 5 Years Limited Warranty
Classic Series PSU 7 Years Limited Warranty
Commander I Series PSU  
   --Non-Registered Items at In Win Website 3 Years Limited Warranty
   --Registered Items at In Win Website Limited Lifetime Warranty
Commander II Series PSU 5 Years Limited Warranty
Commander III Series PSU 5 Years Limited Warranty
Glacier PSU 7 Years Limited Warranty
GreenMe PSU 3 Years Limited Warranty
Branded Power Man Series PSU 3 Years Limited Warranty
Others All Accessories 1 Year
IPC/ Servers    
IPC/ Servers Cases Branded Case 2 Year Limited Warranty
IPC/ Server PSU In Win PSU 3 Year Limited Warranty
IPC/ Server Accessproes Fan 1 Year Limited Warranty
Storage SK23 cage 3 Years Limited Warranty
Storage SK34 cage 3 Years Limited Warranty
Backplane / Riser Card 1 Years Limited Warranty

DOA (Dead on Arrival)

If the product is "defective on arrival", please inform your local IN WIN sales representative. IN WIN takes pride in offering the best solution for both parties, and assists with follow up services.

Once the DOA validity period expires, all defective products are considered as RMA items. The returned products should have a valid serial number to track the warranty coverage. In Win shall provide a quotation for service charges of each RMA product, including replacement parts.


The following are not covered by the warranty:

It is important to note that our warranty is not an unconditional guarantee. The Warranty does not cover events including but not limited to:

Any unsuitable environment or use of the product(including cryptocurrency mining) is not covered by warranty.

1. Any product which has been modified without permission from In Win, or in which the serial number has been modified, defaced or removed.
2. Any product which has been modified without permission from In Win, or in which the serial number has been modified, defaced or removed. 2. Accidental abuse, misuse, neglect, fire, water, lighting or any act of nature, failure to follow instructions, shipping or transport damage (claims must be made with carrier), and any other cause, which does not relate to a product defect.
3. In Win does not warrant that this product will meet your requirements. It is your responsibility to determine the suitability of this product for your purpose.
4. Removal or installation charges.
5. Customer is responsible for the shipping charges. When returning product, please be sure to enclose a clear description of the problem and your proof of purchase with the defective product and return it as instructed and ship it postpaid. Your dealer or In Win will not be responsible for damage due to shipping. During the warranty period, your product will be repaired or replaced, excluding shipping and handling. In Win will not accept the defective product without prior approval and RMA number.
6. Any incidental charges.
7. Repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorized by In Win.
8. Third party products using In Win components will not be covered by warranty.
9. Any damages unrelated to manufacturing defects.
10. As one of the items in this product's packaging, if there is any inappropriate use of the modularized cables that causes any damage both within product itself and/or any other damaged parts, they will not be covered by this product's warranty.


Exclusion of Damages

In Win's sole obligation and liability under this warranty are both limited to the repair or replacement of a defective product at our discretion. In Win shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any accidental or consequential damages. This includes but is not limited to damages resulting from the interruption of services, the loss of business, and liability in tort relating to any product resulting from its use or possession.


Warranty Services

In the event that warranty repair or replacement is required, In Win shall request proof of purchase from the user (ex. store receipt or invoice) in order to receive warranty services.


Outside Taiwan

Should your product need to be returned within the warranty period, please contact your retailer, dealer, or distributor from whom you purchased the product. If the product is still under warranty and you are no longer able to return it to your retailer, dealer or distributor, please contact In Win Service Support (below) for assistance and instructions. In Win will not accept any returns without an RMA number and prior approval.


Service Support

Reseller or Distributor
Please contact your sales representative for more detailed information.


Personal or End-User

Should you have any questions or comments regarding product specification, technical problems, warranty, or support; please contact:
Contact Us


Technical Support

Please refer to your product user manual or visit in-win.com for more details and contact information.

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