Activity Rules
Activity Rules
We’re sending you on a quest to search through the InWin website to join in on the prize hunt! The answers you seek may led to glorious prizes!
Oct. 01- Dec. 28, 2018
Eligibility Requirements

1. You must be members of the InWin official website. Users may also use their social media account for registration before voting. To maintain the fairness of the competition, all of the members joining InWin will pass through our member verification mechanism in order to prevent the generation of fake accounts.

2. Repetitive participation of the lottery is permitted. Participants answering the most questions correctly have a greater opportunity of winning.

3. This activity is open for the participation of all applicants worldwide. Applicants under the age of 20 must obtain legal consent/permission of their guardians and must file the appropriate documents if selected as the winner.

Activity Process
Activity Process
Step 1: Join Now
Use your social network account for registration to become an InWin member.
Step 2: Answer the Questions
Search our website product pages to find the correct answers. Submit the right answers for a chance to win amazing prizes. Participants answering the most questions correctly have a greater opportunity of winning. The same questions cannot be repeated or earn any extra entries.
Step 3: Win the Luck of the Draw!
Discover the right answers and participate in the lottery. If answered incorrectly, please try again.
Winner Announcement
Winner Announcement
Announcement of Monthly Winners

*All participants of that month are eligible to enter the lottery, and we will announce the winners on the event website.

ng*np*[email protected]
NG*N P*s

da*.mva*en*[email protected]
Da* Va*en*in

gum*y88*[email protected]
Chr*s Kel*y

sta*icacos*[email protected]
Co***l S

le*8405*[email protected]
洋* 郭

bat*[email protected]
Ka**n Duli***ty

de*hod*[email protected]
M*ke Ho*ge

re*asi*atalin*[email protected]
*atalin Ré*asi

PB 850W: pic*[email protected]
克* 皮

PB 750W: le*onru*[email protected]
Ka* Han*en

PB 650W: tm*00*[email protected]
慧* 黃


1. The winners will be notified by the organizer. Please reply to us before the 28th of February 2019 to claim your prize. If you do not respond before the listed date, it will be deemed as a waiver.

2. This event prize is not covered under InWin product warranty.

3. The Organizer will pay for the prize shipping cost; however, relevant taxes associated to the prize must be paid by the competitors.

4. The organizer reserves the right to change the prize (or a portion of the prize) to a substitute of the same value or higher at any time. In the case of where the prize cannot be delivered due to regulatory limitations of the laws of the contestant’s country, the organizer has the right to change the prize to a substitute of the same value or higher.

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