Discover InWin’s New Case Monsters, DUBILI, ModFree, POC and ATX 3.0 PSUs at CES 2023【USA, Las Vegas, 5th January 2023】In Win Development Inc. (InWin), a leading innovator in PC enthusiast and gaming hardware, has introduced new and innovative product ranges at CES 2023 that promote the fun of building, not just the PC, but also the case itself. Fun for both kids and adults!

The new cases showcased at CES 2023 include the unique Case Monsters series for kids, with eight fun, exciting and cute characters to choose from; POC, a lightweight and stylish mini-ITX chassis that assembles through folding; DUBILI, a premium 1.2 mm SECC steel, E-ATX chassis; and ModFree, an E-ATX chassis that’s completely modular and can be upgraded at any time. InWin is also introducing its new PII series ATX 3.0 power supplies up to 1300W, which provide the latest 12VHPWR cable for the next generation of graphics cards.


InWin Case Monsters series

These multi-piece modular kits are ready to be assembled into either E-ATX or mini-ITX systems. There are eight fun, exciting and cute characters to choose from. Case Monsters’ interactive website provides stories about each character before deciding which to adopt and take home. Each character has its own unique personality, colors and style. In the website interactive playroom, young users can add their own custom flair and self-expression with the included emoji stickers that create fun faces. Each character also features its own headphone hangers that neatly attach to each side of the cases, giving you a helping hand, arm, ear, antler or wing to keep the desk tidy.


InWin POC mini-ITX chassis

POC is a light, and unique mini-ITX chassis that boasts a stylish, two-tone color. The entire structure is assembled by folding and morphs into an origami chassis. To facilitate the assembly process, InWin institutes the first interactive user manual app for DIY users. POC includes a PCI-Express 4.0 riser cable for vertical mounting behind the motherboard, and supports 3.5-slot graphics cards.


InWin DUBILI E-ATX chassis

DUBILI – ‘do’ ‘believe’ – is a new premier E-ATX chassis that adopts stronger, thicker 1.2 mm SECC steel throughout its design. The main exterior panels bolt on with industrial themed, laser-engraved hex screws. DUBILI possesses ample air-cooling options, and supports up to a 420 mm liquid-cooling radiator.


InWin ModFree E-ATX chassis

ModFree is a new E-ATX chassis that focuses on giving users unprecedented building freedom without having to void the warranty!  InWin provides different types of modules that can mount the PSU, motherboard, fans, storage and liquid-cooling radiators in different areas of the chassis, allowing builders to rotate the motherboard area, to orientate and compartmentalize their PC according to their precise build needs. ModFree offers space for up to nine PCI-Express expansion slots, ample fan mounting areas, can support up to 420 mm radiators, and larger, premium ATX power supplies.


About InWin iBuildiShare initiative

InWin’s new iBuildiShare initiative is committed to developing interactive and engaging products that achieve a much more enriching PC building experience. iBuildiShare promotes the benefits of assembling and crafting your own PC with your own hands. These experiences are best had with someone special offering a helping hand. Share your work with family, friends or fellow enthusiasts too!


InWin PII Series ATX 3.0 power supplies

InWin upgrades its P series with ATX 3.0 standard & PCI-Express 5.0 ready features, including the new 12VHPWR cable for the latest NVIDIA RTX 4000-series graphics cards. Available in 750W, 850W, 1050W and 1300W options at 80PLUS Gold efficiency, a 5-year warranty and fully modular connectors.

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